Ron Erb has been working since the last tournament

By Bud Edwards

Ron has been a tournament volunteer since 2001 when he began working with director Jim Brow as Team Leader helping create and take down all of the infrastructure that comprises the Sorting Gap Marina Site.

Following Jim’s retirement from the Board in 2003, after three years of hard work, Ron stepped forward and assumed one of the most challenging portfolios. Fortunately his previous experience as Team Leader, meticulous attention to detail and ability to see tasks through to completion made the transition seamless.

Ron says that he “Enjoys being part of a team of people eager to provide a meaningful, enjoyable community event. He also sees the opportunity to help “to promote the area for young and old” as important.

He is joined this year by friend Ron Scofield who he describes as ‘my right hand’ and Team Leader as well as more formally as Assistant Director. The two of them make a tremendous team ready and willing to take on almost any task, whether it falls within the parameters of their portfolio or not.

In addition to arranging for all of the materials and services necessary for the site such as the perimeter fencing, tables, chairs, washrooms, Food Court layout layout, electrical services, setting-up of the special events tent, daily site cleaning, garbage collection and removal, recycling, office trailers and more, they are currently compiling a detailed inventory of all tournament assets.

The inventory will enable the Directors to arrange the proper insurance coverage and amounts to protect against a catastrophic loss which would seriously affect ongoing operations. They are using a digital camera to record items and then creating a spreadsheet listing all of the basic information that is required in the event of a loss including a complete description, replacement cost or actual cash value and location.

Last month Ron started working on the Dock Flag Project which began three years ago. About a dozen FFCBC banners on roto-top poles have been attached to the concrete pylons and launch ramp at the Sorting Gap Marina previously. He willing assumed the dream of another director who has a vision of a forest of fl ags (at least 48) appearing two weeks before the tournament gets underway to visually announce that the event is coming soon.