FFCBC ends 2004 with a large deficit

By Bud Edwards

Chairman Doug Cain confirmed that the Tournament incurred an operating deficit of $23,061.02 in 2004.
“We spent a lot of money celebrating the Tournament’s 10th Anniversary last year. The good news is that we had money set aside in reserves and I want to assure everyone that we are not in any danger of folding. We are not broke” Cain emphasized.
“Thanks to the leadership of John McTaggart (chair 1996 to 1998), Rebecca Webb (chair 1999 to 2001) and Gary Rogozinski (chair 2002 to 2004) we set aside money in a ‘Rainy Day Fund’ to ensure that uncontrollable factors, such as weather, would not put the operations in any financial danger & we would always be able to pay our bills.” “The Tournament will be around for at least another ten years” Cain added.
“Planning for 2005 is complete and we adopted the new budget in January. Each director worked on his portfolio finding ways to both increase revenues and reduce expenses.
We will not have to make major changes” Cain explained.
“Top priorities include increased emphasis upon improving fish care. Although we have always been proactive, aiming for 100% live release, current research has identified improved methods of handling fish. Oxygenation and water exchange in shore-based holding tanks will be improved. The new Shimano wet weighing system which substantially reduces fish stress will be implemented this year.” “Our commitment to protecting the quality of the Rainy Lake smallmouth bass fishery continues to grow. Post-release survival is a good method of measuring how well we handle the thousands of fish caught during the Tournament. With help and direction from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fort Frances Sportsman’s Club, post-release mortality will be quantified and minimized.” “Our planning has focused on adding new features, not reducing Tournament events and activities.
We see a need for more day time events dedicated to teenagers. Under consideration is an extreme make-over contest, Kids Olympics, 3 on 3 basketball ball and remote control car races.” “I want to personally assure everyone that the Tournament is fiscally sound and everything is in order” Cain concluded.