Famous Outdoor Writers Wants to Come Back

By Bud Edwards

Bill Thompson, executive director for the Outdoor
Writers of Canada, who attended and wrote articles on
the Tournament last year, is seriously considering doing
it again in 2005.
Thompson jumped at the opportunity in 2004 to take
in the local bass tournament he heard was second-to none.
Known within the industry as “Billie T.” and
signs all his correspondence “Yours in the outdoors”
has covered the Kenora Bass International, some of
the biggest Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society (BASS),
FLW and the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Tour
tournaments, said anglers often have told him he should
be here checking out FFCBC.
His experience is best summarized through his own
words following the 2004 event.
“Without a doubt the quality of the 2004 Fort Frances
event, the community involvement and the level of
professional anglers, make it the premier tournament in
North America”.
“The 8,000 people that call Fort Frances home are
proof that good things do come in small packages, or in
this case small towns.”
“Hopefully other tournament circuits will learn from
the Fort Frances organization”.
“What helped me put the whole week into perspective
was the opportunity to talk to some of the volunteers
and see how they felt about the event. I was especially
surprised to see that a number of them were U. S.
citizens who had taken holidays to help out. By the end of
the week, I knew why!”
“The way tournament organizers handle the bass
is exemplary. It starts right from the hook and follows
the bass to the weigh scale and back to the lake with
a minimum of stress. I was especially impressed to
see that the competitors had to fi ll our form indicating
where in the lake their catch came from. This allowed
tournament organizers to return the bass as close to
home as possible”.
“When you see a tournament featuring 138 teams
and realize that there are still over 20 teams waiting in
the wings for a chance to qualify, that says a lot for the
quality of the tournament”.
“When you talk to the likes of Ray Scott, the founder
of BASS and Forrest Woods, the founder of Ranger
Boats, they both are well aware of the quality of the Fort
Frances Tournament”.
And in conclusion “When I think of the Fort Frances
Tournament, it’s like Tina Turner says (in her song)
‘Simply the best, better than all the rest’”.