Falls tournament organizers say “Thanks”

By Bud Edwards

Two representatives of the International Falls bass tournament attended the last FFCBC board of directors bimonthly meeting bringing a message of ‘Thanks’.

Newly elected FFCBC chair Jim Cumming, presiding over his first meeting, introduced guests Gary Potter, President and Vice-president Scott Crowe from the Falls bass tournament extending a warm welcome.

Gary Potter expressed “thanks” for all the help they received putting together their first tournament. He mentioned both the equipment they borrowed and most importantly the organizational help from many FFCBC directors & volunteers, particularly Doug Cain.

Scott Crowe said that they could not have done it without the support that ranged from director job descriptions, forms, logistics and all the way through to fish care.

Both emphasized the importance of the bonding between towns that was created and strengthened through working together with common goals.

President Potter presented Jim Cumming with a cheque for $500 saying that the value they received was far greater and that they wanted to not only say “Thank You” but also do it in a tangible way.

During the open discussion that followed Gary & Scott suggested both tournaments look for opportunities to co-op equipment purchases in the future. Everyone agreed that it made sense to share things like the large plastic holding tanks which each event would use only once a year. Sharing the cost of equipment 50/50 will enable both tournaments to buy things they otherwise could not immediately afford to improve aspects such as fish care and weigh-ins.

Doug Cain responded saying that the Falls directors and volunteers were a “quick study” meaning that they learned fast. He also said that we (FFCBC) learned from them, particularly with respect to the cooling system which controlled the water temperature in the fish holding tanks outside the tent.

Jim Cumming, speaking on behalf of FFCBC offered ongoing support and thanked Gary and Scott for their kind words and donation.

Gary informed the directors that formal approval for the 2006 event has been received from the Minnesota DNR enabling them to start accepting team registrations.

The Falls tournament website, www.ifallsbass.com, confirms that registrations are coming in. Bill York of Fort Frances and Dennis Liedke of International Falls are the first team to sign up for the 2006 tournament. They are team 31. The first 30 spots are reserved for last year’s teams (similar to FFCBC Top 90).

Scott mentioned that the video of the 2005 tournament is now available on DVD and a copy is available by contacting him or Gary through the website.

The presentation concluded with strong agreement to continue and develop the positive working relationship started last year between the two organizations.

- END -

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