Entry Deadline Looming. Draw to be Held October 4TH

Entries for the 2007 Fort Frances Canadian Bass championship must be received by September 30TH. Tournament competition dates for 2007 are July 26, 27 and 28.

The entry fee for the tournament is $1,250.00 per two-person team. There is a 100% payback. The total of the entry fees are returned to the anglers as cash prizes.

The Fort Frances Times is the official registration site.

Entry forms are available from the Fort Frances Times, 116 First Street East during regular business hours: Monday – Friday and online at www.canadianbass.com.

Captains of teams that finished in the top 90 in 2006 are guaranteed a spot in next year’s tournament. Captains must complete a 2007 Top 90 Entry Form and turn it and a $250.00 deposit in by the end of the month. If a Captain chooses not to compete in 2007 the team number will be offered to the 2006 partner.

The 91ST spot in 2007 was sold by silent auction during the 2006 tournament. The winning bidder was the team of Ted Heyens of Stratton and Leo Heyens of Kenora. Coincidentally the Heyens brothers finished in 91ST spot in 2006.

Teams from 92 to 130 are filled by random draw. Interested anglers must fill out a 2007 Random Draw Entry Form and turn it and a $250.00 deposit in by the end of the month. The deposit will only be processed upon confirmation of participation in the 2007 tournament. A list of 2007 Draw Entrants can be seen on www.canadianbass.com.

Teams numbered 131 to 137 are offered to the 2006 winners of regional tournaments. The winning teams from Lake Despair Castin’ For Cash, Kenora Bass International (KBI), Atikokan Bass Classic, Morson Bass International, International Falls Bass Championship and the Rainy Lake Fall Bass Classic must compete as they won their 2006 tournament in order to qualify for these spots. If the winning teams of the 2006 regional tournaments chose not to compete in the 2007 FFCBC those spots will be filled by random draw.

The Random Draw for spots starting at Team # 92 will take place on Wednesday October 4TH. The draw will be telecast live on Shaw Cable starting at 7:00PM. FFCBC Chairman Jim Cumming, Angler Registration Director Doug Cain and Tournament Emcee Paul Morrison will host the draw. Random Draw Results will be posted on www.canadianbass.com by noon on the day following the draw.

Anglers will be contacted in the order that their names are drawn to confirm participation in the 2007 tournament. Once the field of 137 teams has been verified a Waiting List will be posted.

The Waiting List is composed of the remaining anglers in the order that their names were drawn. Anglers on the Waiting List, in the order that they appear on the list, will be given the opportunity to replace any team that scratches.

For further information contact:
Doug Cain
(807) 274-2405