Anglers To Pay Infrastructure Fee

Starting in 2007 the anglers competing in the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship (FFCBC) will contribute to underwriting part of the tournament operation costs, angler benefit expenses and capital and operating expenditures of the event through a new infrastructure fee.

Jim Cumming, in his second year as FFCBC Chairman, in announcing the implementation of the infrastructure fee said, “Following the 2006 tournament, it was necessary to review all the areas of the tournament. Preliminary figures for the 2006 event showed a loss of over $20,000.00. We looked at the costs incurred on the fishing side, as well as all event revenue and expenses. We realized that we had to make changes in order to maintain the tournament without reducing the quality of the event. This decision will provide future boards with a sound financial footing.”

The 2007 infrastructure fee will be $188.68 per team, ($200.00 including GST).

The new fee will help pay part of tournament operation costs and angler benefits. Tournament operation costs include media boat, ambulance boat, catch and release boats, communications and mailings, fish care, master of ceremonies, motor tags, polygraph services, radio communications, spotter boat fuel and on-site information systems. Angler benefits include complementary meals, no-charge launch fees, secure on-site parking, team photography, angler family daytime passes as well as nighttime admissions to FFCBC entertainment.

Last year tournament operation costs and angler benefits amounted to almost $76,000.00. Even with excellent sponsor support of over $44,000.00 the tournament was left with a cash cost of over $30,000.00.

The capital and operating costs of the event include rental of bleachers, chairs, fencing, tables, tents, portable toilets and sound system as well insurance, security, site vehicle costs, telephone, site cleanup, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing expenses. The capital and operating costs exceeded $88,000.00. With sponsor participation of over $22,000.00 this figure is reduced to a cash cost of more than $66,000.00.

The total of the above expenses exceeded $164,000.00, reduced by sponsors to almost $100,000.00.

These figures do not take into account the value of the thousands of hours that over 500 volunteers contribute to make the event a success.

“Looking ahead”, Cumming explained, “in 2007 the entry fee will be $1,450.00. With the assistance of Prize Board Sponsors the Prize Board will provide $171,250.00 in cash prizes based on a field of 137 teams. The entry fee, the field and the payout will remain the same in 2008.”

The implementation of the Infrastructure Fee is supported by members of the Angler Advisory Committee, FFBCB board members, individual tournament anglers and sponsors who were personally contacted for input.

In addition Cumming announced that in 2009, the tournament’s fifteenth year of operation, the prize board would exceed $200,000.00 in cash prizes. This will be based on a total entry fee, including infrastructure charge, of $1,650.00 per team and a field of 137 teams.

In conclusion, Cumming thanked the Angler Advisory Committee, FFBCB directors, individual tournament anglers and s

ponsors for sorting through the many options available to really strengthen tournament finances. “Everybody’s contribution enables us to start planning many years ahead, such as our 20th anniversary in 2014. The Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship has its life and excitement built on fish, fishermen, business community involvement, spectators, family activities, entertainment and volunteers. This event is recognized as being unique and special. The Infrastructure Fee will enable the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship to continue being the premier fishing tournament not only across Northwestern Ontario but also through the upper Midwest.”