Anglers Get Seat on board

November 9, 2010.
Gord Watson, chairman of Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship (FFCBC), announced the appointment of Paul Jewiss as Anglers’ Representative on the FFCBC Board of Directors. The newly created position brings a formal angler voice to the board table with full voting rights. Jewiss will establish an Angler Advisory Committee that will encompass a cross-section of tournament competitors. Jewiss will be fishing in his 11th FFCBC in 2011 and competes in other regional tournaments.

Jewiss stated, “I urge anglers wishing to be a member of the Angler Advisory Committee to contact me right away. The new group will represent anglers geographically, captains and partners, veterans and “rookies”, and those of varied skill levels.”

Watson concluded, “Although there are many aspects to the event, the establishment of the Anglers’ Representative as a full board member shows that the intention of the new board to grow the tournament with angler input.”