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Border Crossing General Information

Provided by the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce

For the most up-to-date and accurate information, please contact:

Canada Customs
Customs Border Services Agency
Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
(807) 274-3655, ext. 240
24 hours a day

1. ALL VISITORS to Canada, including children must carry identification. A driver's license, Birth or Baptismal Certificate is acceptable. Children travelling with someone other than their legal guardian should have written permission.

2. Visitors to Canada may bring in certain goods for their own use in Canada as “personal baggage”, duty and tax free goods, provided all such items are reported at Customs on arrival and are not subject to restrictions.

3. There are age requirements and quantity restrictions when importing Alcohol or Tobacco Products.
Personal baggage may include up to 1.14 litres (40 Imperial ounces) of alcoholic beverages (liquor, liqueur) OR 24 x 355 ml (12 ounces) cans or bottles of beer or ale OR 1.5 litres of wine. Tobacco Products may include 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, and 200 grams of tobacco AND 200 tobacco sticks, duty and tax free. In instances where the visit is for less than 24 hours, tax and duty free quantities may be reduced.  NOTE: In Ontario, a maximum of 45 litres of alcohol (5 cases of beer) can be imported (in excess of any personal exemption), provided the duty and taxes and provincial fees are paid.

4. The importation of alcoholic beverages is limited to persons who have attained the legal age
as prescribed by the province at point of entry. The minimum ages are as follows: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Yukon is 19, Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta, and Prince Edward Island is 18.

5. Tobacco products may only be imported by persons who are the age of 19 or over.

6. Food - A reasonable supply of food, consistent with the length of stay and number of people in the party, providing it is for personal use is allowed duty and tax free entry. Potatoes are NOT allowed into Canada.

7. Pets - Dogs and cats from the USA must be accompanied by a valid RABIES certificate, signed and dated by a veterinarian. While pups and kittens under the age of three months do not require a rabies vaccination certificate to enter Canada, they must be in good health at the time of entry.

8. Bait - (In Ontario) LEECHES, LIVE MINNOWS, SMELT, and WAX WORMS ARE PROHIBITED! Frozen or salted minnows are allowed. Live earthworms are permitted, but must be packed in artificial bedding. (No earth or soil).


Border Crossing Fees
*subject to change without notice

When crossing the International Border at International Falls, MN, USA / Fort Frances, ON, Canada, there is a toll booth as you come into Canada.

The toll fees are as follows: $6.00 US or around $9.00 Canadian to cross.

You may chose to purchase a swipe card which is good for 12 round trips, although they do have an expiry date. Swipe cards can be purchased at Canada Safeway (417 Scott Street) in Fort Frances at a cost of $14.00 Canadian. Cards can also be purchased in International Falls at Stop & Shop, Super One, and Super Value for $10.00 US
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